Campaign Leaflets & Files

Participation at the International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine:Achieving Change in Practice. 11-15 December 2017 Vienna, Austria. 

Alsuwaidi J. Radiation safety culture experience from UAE and the Middle East.

Al Remeithi A.  Implementation And Compliance Level Of Fanr Radiation Safety Regulations In Medicine For The International Conference On Radiation Protection In Medicine.


Alsuwaidi J. United Arab Emirates Radiation Awareness At UAE During The National Declaration: The Year Of Giving Strengthening Radiation Safety Culture In Healthcare At Ground Level.

Subrahmanian B. Patient Dose Monitoring and DRLs for Pediatric Fluoroscopic Procedures at Latifa Women & Children Hospital/Dubai Health Authority/United Arab Emirates.

Mathew D. Evaluation of Collimation in Chest Imaging and Associated Dose Impact.

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