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Initiated in 2014 in Europe. The mission of EuroSafe Imaging is to support and strengthen medical radiation protection across Europe following a holistic, inclusive approach.

CanadaSafe Imaging 

Canada responded to the Bonn Call for Action and established CanadaSafe in 2015 to address need for a national strategy and action plan for radiation safety for medical imaging care in Canada. The campaign brings together many stakeholders to strengthen medical radiation protection across Canada following an inclusive approach.  



The Pan African Congress of Radiology and Imaging (PACORI), Ministry of Health of Kenya and other radiation health workers in Africa jointly launched Afrosafe during the 8th Scientific Congress of the PACORI. 


AFROSAFE’s main objective is to apply the Bon Call for Action and unite with a common goal, to identify and address issues arising from radiation protection in medicine in Africa.


The vision of AFROSAFE is: All radiation-based medical procedures in Africa appropriate and safely performed. AFROSAFE plans to achieve its goals through supporting adherence to policies, strategies and activities for the promotion of radiation safety.


The campaign idea started in 2015 in Brasil and aims to promote  the safe use of radiation in diagnostic imaging through education. 

Campaigns Worldwide

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